guess who I am ^^

Name: Lee Sungmin/ 이성민/ 李晟敏
Birthday: 1/1/1986
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: watching movies
Speciality: singing, acting, chinese martial arts, composing songs on instruments
Fave color: black, white, pink, yellow
Fave food: no preference ~
Fave movie: << Pailan >> (no idea what it is >__<)
Average hrs of sleep per day: 4 hours (wot ?! How can he survive til now?)
Height/Weight: 175cm/57kg
The most important in the world: family

cr: snip-shots@lj


Sungmin became a trainee under SM Entertainment after he won first place at the 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2001. Sungmin was then placed in a project R&B group with Xiah Junsu and future bandmate Eunhyuk in 2002. Along with Typhoon, Rose, and Attack, the six of them made a brief appearance in a show called Heejun vs. Kangta Battle of the Century Pop vs. Rock where Heejun and Kangta taught them techniques on singing.

cr: wikipedia

But he made his debut as an actor  in the drama ‘Sea of Sisters‘ (MBC-2005) & also because of the character in that drama, Sungmin gained his current nick name ‘pink/sweet pumpkin


Misc Info:

– Sungmin CY:

– Sungmin Twitter: (temporary not in use)

– Sungmin is currently attending the Myongji University (with Donghae, DBSK’s U-know Yunho & Xiah Junsu & Wonder Girls’s Yoobin)

– So far he can play guitar & piano (and drums as well ?!). Especially, he knows martial arts & (i think) he looks the coolest when he performs nunchucks or escrima stick <33

– In early 2007, Sungmin and CSJH’s Dana & Lina released a digital single ‘소중한 열매‘ (idk its meaning >__<) but it was never released as an official CD.

– From 4 June 2007 to 22 July 2008, Sungmin together with SNSD’s Sooyoung & later SNSD’s Sunny was the DJ for ChunBang JiChuk radio (replacing Kangin as he becomes Chinhan Chingu’s DJ)

– Sub-units of Super Junior that he belongs to: Super Junior Trot & Super Junior Happy

– Sungmin’s younger bro is Lee Sungjin:


Lee Sungjin

– Sungmin has a dog named Ari but i’ve never seen it !!


as cute as its owner ^^

and then, a cat, named Hyaku, ‘100’ in Japanese since he got Hyaku when he’s 100-day-old

but both of them were given away since Min has no time to take care them T___T

– He also has a scooter ‘Byul‘ which means ‘Star’


…. Nope, it is Shindong’s =)











–> isnt it so cute & funny !~

– Another Sungmin’s hobby is riding motor (with Shindong) – He already mentioned this in the Relay Talk of Dont Don Repackage DVD


Sungmin’s signature








(to be continued)

(if you have any question or any info that would like to put into this, pls leave a cmt ^^ thnx !~)

94 responses to “All About LEE SUNGMIN

  • rezz

    ooh.. he’s so cool….. perfect !!!!

  • gee

    ari is the dog on donghae in this picture
    the dog on min is bada, hae’s dog. they were featured in vogue korea’s fashion pets issue 🙂

  • asminnt

    oh, i remember sm1 also told this on soompi ^^
    thnx anyway ! will put the pic onto the page !~

  • Nicole

    Pailan…I think he is talking about the korean movie “Failan” (2001) but I think its pronounced Pailan in korean….

  • Pani

    Omggg. Saranghae, Sungmin!!

  • cun kute

    ui nhin` min oppa iu khong chiu duoc

  • puppy

    SungMin so happiness , because she have happy family:
    – mother , father , and a brother (I don’t have brother)
    – a dog, his dog so beautiful…………. is it a girl??????????
    – a motobike ……….. so so CuTe (I like it……… and I want >.<)
    but I things now he traverling by car……….. so handy ……… all right?????
    I don’t know about “pailan” or watch ………. but I things “pailan” so cool ….. because SungMin like that
    SUNGMIN oppa~~~ Saranghae~~~

  • choi_chan


    this is all about sungmin oppa?
    i like it, now i know sungmin oppa…

    i like sungmin oppa in new style,
    i like her smile…
    make me melt…like a cheese…

    SUNGMIN oppa saranghee….

  • jun

    hai i’m jun from indonesia
    wahh….sungmin oppa have a cute dog jun like dog but
    jun place not take care a dogT.T
    jun not no why?

  • Ly

    so cute…
    so babe…
    i love u…….!

  • princess jaja

    i like him when he smile he is so cute looks like baby

  • bummimin

    great !!!!!!!!!!!
    sung min is kut3 and handsome
    i love him so much and hope he is always lucky in his life

  • yunita

    i love sung min very much……….

  • Candy(from Super Lovers)


  • Candy(from Super Lovers)

    사랑하는 형(I like this word)
    If you know how much I love you……………
    If I will be your sister……..(How much I happy)
    I like you like a fool.
    형, 너무너무 사랑해요.
    When you see this page,please contact to me.
    With unable dreams,
    Super Lovers has 6 members.
    >I hope you will be happy FOREVER<

  • dagyl

    sungmin oppa,,i love u,,,aku rela dihina orang lain asal aku tetep sayang ama kamu sungmini kapan kamu mau ke indonesia,,,,
    i always waiting you arrival

  • luv Sung min

    Anyong haseooooo. . .
    my friend really really love you. . .
    hope you can come to indonesia as soon as you free


  • o"OK LuvKyuhyun

    I Love U sungmiN b’Coz U have a CUTE FACE

  • fishy

    he’s really a cute one!!!

    Anyway, do you know the meaning of his signature, it’s really…
    I’m curious about that

  • sarangMIN

    sungmin oppa saranghaeyooo. . .

  • sungmin012

    RE:Candy(from Super Lovers)
    errr… you’re a girl right?
    cause you said 형, which means older male, from a male…
    오 빠 is for older male from a female.
    sorry if i bursted your bubble…

  • lucyy

    he plays the harmonica alsoo! thanks so much for the info and pictures!

  • lee soo hyun

    sUng min oppa,, i’m uR fanz fRom IndoNesia..
    yOu’re sO cuTe and cool..
    SranghaeyO sUngmiN opPa..

  • cloud

    i like sungmin oppa cuz he has very cute smile….

    he have cute and cool expression in one face…hehe…

    kamsahamnida for d info….

  • ..fleUR..

    ….aMm…………. can u please pUt soMe informaTions like……….what sungmin oppa like………in a girl…………or those things that people don’t knoW about sungmin oppA…………….. kaMsahamniDda..!!!!!!!! (^ ^,) …please add me in our yahoo messenger(if ever) this is my e-mail ad……..……….. saraNghe….

  • intan

    ahhhh ❤ i am from indonesia, but i am a chinese !
    sungminn please do come to indonesiaaa .. hope you are reading this.. 🙂
    but i am 11 years younger than you TT
    sungmin oppa ! come to indonesia pleaseeeee.

  • marisol

    sombody knows what is the nickname of lee sungmin!!!!. . .

  • Fara_Honey

    Sungmin I Love You So Much You So Cute

  • NgOc_XiNh

    Can’t tell how much i love him!!!!!!!!
    He’s such a cute,nice boy
    Sungmin Saranghaee~~~~~~~

  • NgOc_XiNh

    L0L he got the same of my birthday date <3333333333

  • PinkPrince_SungMin

    Love U my Pink Prince …. !!!!!

  • eunmin=D

    I really am inlove with him hes sooo cute pls update more about him how’s his health and I have a question does he had a girlfriend pls answer my question…..??!!??

  • Lisa Sungmin lee

    Why does he Have to so perfect??

  • vietnamese ELF

    Noone can be cuter than Sungmin oppa
    That’s the reason I love oppa so much

  • sheryl llanzana

    saranghae sungmin

    shipo hamkke arayo chingu

    saranghaeyo sungmin imnida

  • Neang

    sungmin, i also have a scooter and a pet, but a cat!lol… hey, who cares??! i luv u soooo.. be healthy my lovely obsession! (is that too much.. lol) ^^

  • eMo_Min LoVaZz

    LoveLy Sweet Pumpkin…
    I mean, SungMin oppa !
    Im sOoo into You…
    eVen I just knew SJ from a Few months ago..
    I felt Like I knoe it from a Years ago..hoho..
    It happens when I a You Oppa…
    Saranghae Oppa…
    You Sweet and adorable smile..
    Makes me Cant stop thinking of U..
    I think without knowing you,
    My Life would be nothing
    B’cuz The HAPPINESS that u bring in these world..
    To me….yes it is b’cuz of u LOVE x)
    Neorago oppa !! X)
    Youngwhoni Sarangiii….
    Hwaiting !!! X)

    ***_xOxo >> eMoLyNa <,~)Y

  • eMo_Min LoVaZz

    *I mean When the First Time i saw you..

    My Mind always reminds me How special are you..

    ***SungMin Oppa****

  • so young

    you’re so gorgeous…
    luph u full

  • kerran.fry

    does anyone know what religion he is?
    i heard that he was christian, but i’m not sure, since they don’t mention it on interviews and such
    😀 thankyou!

  • Melissa :]

    Anyone can buy Super Junior H album in singapore with mv ? Cause less time I brought one Sorry Sorry album with mv . So , I wanted to ask then I can go buy one more :] If anyone know pls tell me pls and tks you hahas :]

  • SouthWind41

    All contributors are board certified. ,

  • monkey

    I love you
    Do you know????
    Super Junior Sungmin…

  • ..fLeuR

    ………anYong haseYo suNgmiN~oppA’ i hoPe you’ll visit cebu,phiLiPpines.. i hopE i can seE you in perSonaL… ‘coZ actuaLLy i’m oNe of your faNz..heheheh .wHy is it not upDated verY often…i hopE youll have soMe timE to updaTe it…ehehehe plEase aDD me in your yahoomail or yahoo messenger my e-mail ad is

  • wirna sweet pumpkin from malaysia

    i love u sung min

  • gau_heo

    choi` oi, Sung Min co cai xe doc ghe nha. ai lup du SungMin, Saranghaeyo Lee Sung Min

  • Camz

    He is also good in cooking that’s why the girl that would marry him would be sooo lucky(and fat hehehe) especially cooking a danhobak soup or is it a soup? i dont know correct me if im wrong but all i know is that its a danhobak ( that’s why he is called pumpkin prince,sweet pumpkin etc. as long as there is pumpkin that’s him)

  • nana8613

    Sungmin, I’ll always stand by you

  • monika

    saranghae sungmin if i was there in korea i will marry u muahhh
    if i have time i will go there in korea to just see you
    i hope u love me too c u i am monika from the philippines and in our school there so many korens school is maranatha christian acadamy i love u muahh

  • monika

    please say to the super junior i love them too

  • The exotic Puakenikeni

    whoa take it easy!! and BTW, Sungminnie’s dog is so kawaii…but Donghae’s puppy is more kawaii….idk. Maybe…I like Donghae more? but…i still got u on my top 3!

  • The exotic Puakenikeni

    and the scooter is soo girly…no wonder he’s called by the name “pink pumpkin”!!!! lol its so cute…

  • sungminie_crazzyyy

    AneonghaSeyo…Sungmin Oppa nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu……saRangHae…Oh….Im ya no.1 fan…You make me go crazzzyyyy…..I can’t sleep without saying”GuD Nyte”the pictures of you…I really wanna see U in person…Everytime I saw ya cute smiles I cant control maself so I alwayz Cry…Words can’t express how much I Like You…..Thanx for ya smiles…U’ll olways be my no.1….Oppa Fighting

  • sungminie_crazzyyy

    love you oppa…..saranghae yongwonhi…i love youuuu….
    I wanna fly to U…..You change my goal… day I WILL HUG U…

  • sungmin lover

    sungmin i love you more than my life
    love you soooo much 😛
    luv ya sungminaa
    i really want to hug you kkk…

  • Ayumi

    Sungmin!!…i really3 love u!! Do u want 2 kn0w?? At my school have sme0ne like cute!! I fall in l0ve with him 2..but, u r the best in my heart!! N0body can take ur place..hehe..l0ve u sungmin!! H0pe, 1 day i can see u face 2’s ok if we n0t talk..i’ll feel so hepy if i juz can see ur smile..saranghae~

  • Ayumi

    Sungmin!!…i really3 love u!! Do u want 2 kn0w?? At my school have sme0ne like u..his name is cute!! I fall in l0ve with him 2..but, u r the best in my heart!! N0body can take ur place..hehe..l0ve u sungmin!! H0pe, 1 day i can see u face 2’s ok if we n0t talk..i’ll feel so hepy if i juz can see ur smile..waa!! I’ll crazy..wanna h0ld u sungmin!!saranghae~

  • U-min girl

    Sungmin oppa. .
    I love u so much. .
    Mmuuuaach. .

  • Sóc_HanChul

    Pumkin :X love u so muck :X

    That motobike so cute :”> like you

    Ari Ari :”> where is he???

  • crizemin

    hi………sungmin i really really like u!i hope i see u in person!! ilove u

  • arinnurhita

    waah,,i love lee sungmin too..
    among super junior , sungmin oppa the most i liked. but i love all member too.
    he’s cute face , he has many talents. he has a good voice.
    i love sungmin oppa.

  • 이연찬

    sungmin hyung/oppa(i’m half boy and half girl)
    u’re cute,sweet,talented and so on
    saranghae oppa/hyung

  • SungMin-lover

    saranghae oppa

  • Ari (yin yin)

    i am Ari. it is not my name.It is your dog’s name. i have only one wish.It is …..i really want to see you outside ,not in the tv.i know it is not easy and it is not possible.I think super junior boy band is so happy.
    I think It is good if you do not include in movies or series. Because i do not want to see you kissing with the actress or girls.
    You are very handsome and beautiful with the white shirts. When you wear a hat , you are so cute. I like you very much in “””rokkugo”””.
    i like and love you in “Goong-t” .you are very beautiful with queen dress.if my letter is so long, i am really sorry.
    i will come and work in korea to watch the super junior show. i like the song ‘marry u’ so much. But don’t be say ‘marry me’ to any girls.
    i am always a fan of super junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sungmin~jjang!

    sungmin!!aahh!!i miss you already!!it’s been only 36 days since we have seen each other!!??oh time going slow??it’s so close to this day…..but there is still another day that we will meet again,on ss3!!but it’s next year…=_=..(count down:9months & 21days)…I’LL WAIT FOR YOU..I PROMISE I WILL COME..I WILL SAVE MONEY FOR YOU..(php:7900,oh yeah..thats a LOT of money)..i’m doing this for SUPER JUNIOR!!sungmin!!wait for me okay??SS3 HERE I COME!!

  • rarropumpkin

    aah~ sungmin oppaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    neomu neomu neomu saranghae!!
    i love everything about you..
    your personality,your charm,your voice,your kindness…
    i’ll always be your big fan..lets have a date someday (hahaha…crazy –.–)

  • sharksuju

    wow he likes yellow! 😀

    sungmin~ we love you~~~~ ❤

  • merin

    annyeong sungmin oppa……many comment about “hope you can go to indonesian”…me too….
    and I hope…I can speak korean….so we can talking for long time with you….
    you’re my pink prince….saranghamnida…..sungmin oppa….

  • minnietqa

    sungmin oppa.. i wish i can see you in person.. would you come to indonesia..?? hehehe~~ bring ari too ^^ oppa, thanks for coming to my life.. when i first saw you and in love with you, my life is change.. i hate PINK!!!! but now, even my wallet is PINK.. LOL XD.. oppa, you must know that i love love love youuu so much.. jongmal sarangaheyoooo…. bogoshipooo ^^

  • pamela fae moreno

    i love you sungmin youre so cute

  • byksteven

    Sungmin is so so so sexy and handsom..
    I love his Scooter…
    (Does he own any car??….) or does he have other motorbikes?? are there any pictures of him with them..

    Love Sungmin always…

  • Jayne cute

    hello sungmin you’re so cute!!! you and the only one sungmin… i hope we will see each other but it so impossible cause secret… you’re the one i like cause when i watch you in the youtube or idol world i’m so happy i can’t understand but i like it when i see you… i can’t understand you cause i’m not a korean… i hope you will remember this cause you are special to me… remember i will always be here in your heart… i’m young but i’m your fan… I LOVE YOU or 143!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackangelsmile

    hello lee sung min or should we call you “our” black smile!! we all, here in the philippines loves you so much! i hope to see you in ss3 ^o^… if i got my money… our love for you will never last!!

  • aNdY Liwanag

    SUngmin your my type really I like you the waay you sing act and martial arts LUV YU

  • princess sungminnie♥

    Hello my pink prince..i love u so much..♥..i`m ur number 1 fan here in philippines..we wait for the ss3..♥=elfloveusomuch♥saranghae♥

  • Pheebe

    oh my gosh! so so cute! i really really love Lee Sungmin…^^
    gomapseumnida! Annyeonghasseyo! ❤

  • Pheebe

    annyeonghasseyo! ^^ Did Lee Sungmin have a girlfriend? if he has, then who is that girl?, 🙂
    I really want to know! gomawo! ❤

  • Pheebe

    Sarangahaeyo oppa! ❤

  • -✰Alex

    he HAD, but for now, noone knows. we all wish he’ll have one soon ^^

  • sungmin lover

    i love him he’s my fav in super junior ❤

  • Mira

    OMG !Who are you ?Where did you get all this ?Btw, I love Sungmin sooooooooooo much ❤ TY 😉

  • angelou sungmin

    i love you oppa!
    i hope i will see you soon !!!!

  • nemo

    Seongmin oppa,,you’re so cute and pretty. I hope super junior will come to Indonesia. Wish u all the best,saranghaeyo.. Fighting!!!

  • kyunior

    This is so cool~ ^^
    i love this page and also Sungmin hyung now~ kkk~ ^^

  • PinkprincessLS

    OmG O_o
    Sungmin Likes all the Stuff that I Do!

  • katia

    can you tell me that birthdate of Sung Jin ?

  • ngoc thu

    happy birthday Lee Sungmin and happy weeding Leeteuk

  • ngoc thu

    *******I love LEE SUNG MIN and I very LOVE SUPER JUNIOR********

  • ngoc thu

    I very love LEE SUNG MIN and I very LOVE SUPER JUNIOR

  • Quinlan McMillan

    poor sungie! you need at least 9-10 hours of sleep for adults:
    you poor thing 😦 *huggies him*


    OOOHHH !!! He is so cute…..n his dog n cat also cute……
    I have also three cats……..hehehe

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