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11.01.22 Dream Concert Taiwan (1p)

Credit :LadyLoewe`s weibo
Sources : 假凤虚凰

10.09.12 Hallyu Dream Concert (33p)

photo by:DAN
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WOW! a bunch of old yet new pics! XD also the unreleased but released(finally~) pics of ISungmin XD he looks so gorgeous in black!!!

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10.09.12 Gyeong Ju Hallyu Dream Concert (4p)

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10.06.11 Dream Concert – 미인아 (BONAMANA) & Sorry Sorry Remix

another version & full performance on ETN^^

MF –

credit to F-CTZEN
converted & reup by M-INvasion (

10.05.22 Dream Concert (14p)

FR 엔젤슈


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10.05.30 Dream Concert 2010


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10.05.22 Dream Concert (11p)

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