Because you are Lee Sungmin…


… that’s why I love you..

‘when you love a person, the reason you love him is just because he’s him..’

it isnt that i’ve never had my idol b4, but the time span is usually quite short, about 3-6 months..

this time, it’s different.. time passes by and i realise that i just love you more, love everything about you.. love your cuteness, your beautiful eyes, your sweet voice, your shyness, your hard-working, your talents, your gentleness…

i just love them all..

when i first saw Min, he was nothing special to me. at that time, all my attention was on Kangin, Heechul & Donghae. Kangin & Heechul they are so outstanding, so witty and talkative that noone could resist their attractiveness. Donghae, he is simply PERFECT (still now i see him as the most perfect guy i’ve ever known^^)

But Min is different, he is shy, timid.. apart from ‘wu-ri Super Junior’ greeting, he hardly says any words. In many SJ vids i watched, Min usually just smiles & focusing on singing, his expressions are little. He quietly stands at the egde or behind other members.. when i wrote to this line, i remember Kibum is also ‘infamous’ as being alone. but somehow, Kibum gives me totally different feeling. It’s loneliness… as for Min, it’s shyness, it’s willingness to be in the ‘background’ position ..

even though Min’s images are not captured as many times as others’ but have you ever noticed that in his few pix, you always can see him taking care of his brothers?

I dont want to make comparison, but have to say that the two most beautiful pairs of eyes, in my opinion, which are Donghae’s & Sungmin’s are completely of contrast.. While Hae’s eyes are bright, simple; Min’s are of no expression. Happy, sad, angry, tired.. all emotions can be seen as long as you look into Hae’s eyes. Hae’s such an adorable kid that makes everybody wanna give him love and care.. But Min’s eyes give a warm feeling & show that their owner is a trustworthy man..

Although Min once said that ‘provided that you look into my eyes, you will want to protect me’, but in fact, his gaze never tells that, or at least that’s to me.. It isnt Min doesnt want to be loved but i think he just doesnt want everybody to be worried about him, doesnt like to let others see his own vulnerability..

yet, no matter what position he is taking, even he’s just in the background, my eyes unconciously keep chasing him. idk when this started, but one day i realised that whenever i watch a SJ vid, there’s a smile that make me unable to not notify, keep wanting to see that smile again, force me to search for it .. Min is not the most recognisable SJ member, but bit by bit, when you learn his name, learn to know him more, you will unconciously fall into his charm, just like me…

no matter how ppl see Min as a cute boy, i dont! He may look cute & feminine sometimes but how many times do you see him crying? very few ! in fact, i think Min has strong characteristics, he holds his feelings & his tears inside, not always open his heart. isnt is too hard, too burden, silly boy ? T___T How can i not love you ??…

to meet you is fate, to like you is choice but to fall in love with you is beyond my control..

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  • lia

    hosnestly, I cried a lot when i read it..
    maybe becoz I just seriously love him too…
    the last paragraph REALLY made my tears unable to control lol
    thkss a lot unni<3
    i admiring u =] *huggie*

  • asminnt

    honestly, i cried while writing this as well, so strange …
    thnx 🙂

  • PinkyFishy

    you make me cry
    all the things you wrote are in my heart and i really think the same
    there’s nothing on earth can explain how much i do love him and adore him

    “to meet you is fate, to like you is choice but to fall in love with you is beyond my control..”

    this is so touching T_T

    i just think you and me have many things in common haha cause sungmin and donghae are my fav members of sj

  • Nicole

    “no matter how ppl see Min as a cute boy, i dont! He may look cute & feminine sometimes but how many times do you see him crying? very few ! in fact, i think Min has strong characteristics, he holds his feelings & his tears inside, not always open his heart. isnt is too hard, too burden, silly boy ? T___T How can i not love you ??…”


    Min is manly person, someone who doesn’t like to cry, with good work ethics; responsible, disciplined and hardworking…

    Thats why he’s my fav member!

  • gelatin

    i guess we all love sungmin for the same reason.
    he may not be the most popular from the group, but his genuine smile makes him very special. ❤

    thank you for putting up this lovely sungmin fansite. 😀 all these photos and videos are love. i’m lacking tons of his pics since i’ve just started my sungmin fandom late last year.. THANK YOU!

  • Miss Healerzz

    Ohhh…this is soo deep~
    I can’t help but to felt warmth in heart when I read this….
    Ahh…didn’t know how to write what I felt right now, after reading this….mostly, it was warm….
    It’s always good to know the shy kid (whom I think hid things too) is well loved….

    Thanks for this one hub of Sungmin’s international love. Thank you so much

  • Pani

    Dude, I’m in lovee with Sungmin too. Lols`
    Hecks Yeah, I believe He’s the hottest dude
    Ever!! Lols` now i wanna learn Korean!
    Omgg, I loveee sungmin!!

  • mulan77

    i think we have same opinion about sungmin.. most of friends said he is girlish but i didn’t see that.. because he only does that on stage of in front of the camera… but beyond that he is manly… very talented… even in Super Junior there are lots handsome boys, manly gorgeous but my eyes will chase him to… how many time i keep saying to myself.. sungmin is just an ordinary person.. but i couldn’t resist it.. almost 2 years i’ve been loving him… he should proud of it because i rarely love idol this long…

    and really happy that i got a chance to met him ^ ^

  • asminnt

    oh my goodness, YOU MET HIM ?! how did you feel then? i always think of the day i meet him, what should you say, what should i do? Should i give him a tight hug as i desire (he’s the very 1st idol that i want to hug i do with my teddy near, keke~)
    i’m also scared that i couldnt speak to even breath at all. im scared that i’ll even cry, then he might think of me as some retards =)
    give me some advice so that i can prepare myself for that important day, though i dont know yet when it is. 😀

  • mulan77

    Actually happened last year.. when i saw other members can’t take pictures & called their name.. when i saw sungmin for the first time.. i frozen… this is for real.. i didn’t know what happened.. i frozen & i couldn’t focus my camera to his face… silly me.. i really wanna see him with my own eyes.. i just remember that i mumbling.. soo funny.. i can’t even say his name.. & second time… i saw him.. i called his name.. when he came near near near… & he walk in front of me.. suddenly. i don’t know what happened.. my hand reached his arm & touched him (don’t get me wrong i didn’t grab him just touched him)… & soonest i did that all i know i just screamed & run to hide… my friend shocked & just watched my reaction… & the bodyguard also… that was sooo funny.. i don’t know how will you reacted because i thought i will act normal… but i was totally wrong…

  • asminnt

    what event was it?
    sorry but i really did LOL when reading ur experience but i know i will also become a retard as soon as i meet him ~LOL
    my mom keeps complaining abt my craziness over the boys & Min, she thinks i’m old enough to get married, so forget those ‘kids’ pls, but i simply cant T___T
    i’m insane, so just let it be… 😀
    thanks for sharing ^^

  • mulan77

    the event… MTV Asia Award in Malaysia.. ^ ^

    same here with me.. my families, friends also said the same think.. they said get a life & get married.. i said this is my life.. just let it be.. hehehe.. as long as i’m happy ^ ^

  • MinnieMaine

    wahh this is the first time i read about this.. and i will defenitely agree with you.. I always love SungMin because he is SungMin.. no reasons at all.. just because he is SungMin.. Everytime my friends asked me.. why you like him.. i always tell them because he is Sungmin.. Yes it’s also true that he may act so girly in stage, performances, show.. but the truth he is a perfect gentleman.. a caring brother to his member.. a very talented man.. He is close to perfect.. he’s not afraid of wearing pink because he is confident about himself.. im so happy and very proud because i love SungMin.. i love all the sUper Junior members but SungMin is always in my number one list. I will support SungMin no matter what.. I know that im very far from him but my prayers will defenitely reach him.. I always pray to God to give him strength and always take good care of him.. always makes him happy and good health for his everyday life..

    wahhh im became too emotional..

    SungMin.. i love you so much..
    take care always..

  • vn_loves_min

    Yeah, I love Sung Min because he’s him…
    I can’t understand all you wrote, but I know what you thought…
    Like you, I love Sung Min because of his warm smile, his beautiful voice, and his character !!!
    He’s handsome and cute !!!
    Love Min so much !!! 😡

  • Mika

    annyeong! :] i love your blog. i really do.
    your blog really inspired me to make one for myself. 😀
    is it okay with you though? i hope it is.
    and would it be okay if i save your pictures and
    edit them? your pictures are the best. ^_^

  • miantasena

    hmmmm…i agree, i love your blog too, maybe because this is an honest blog, just like sungmin. All letters are sweet, just like sungmin’s smile. Lately, i always check your blog just to see a glimpse of his smile, i hope you dont mind. thank you for the hard work you’ve done, i know it is not easy to manage one. But, i guess it will not consider a ‘work’ when you made something for your love ones.

    thanks again..

  • sungminers

    yeah, you’re real true. i never see min before, honestly when i see flower boys.. its a little disgust, BUT NOW?. haha, everything i see from him just charm-charm-love. god..

  • sungminnie

    honestly u should write more about him~
    this is the most touching article about sungmin ive seen!!!
    my tears was shed as i read along…
    i must say i wasted all my years for those unworthy idols until i found sungmin~ hes the best!!!!

  • dyah

    I really love him too. I hope he can recognize all of our love for him… I want him to be more success.

  • dyah

    thanks to god, I found him because of your fate.
    I do believe in fate because of sungmin.

  • pinanti

    that’s right!!!!
    sometimes i think, why do i like him??not only me my friends too..
    when my friend ask me why i like sung min, i just say i don’t know
    until now i haven’t found the answers
    but after i read this article i got the answers
    i like him just because he is him
    he is Lee Sung Min

  • cieL

    that’s right..if someone ask me why u love sung min i just ask all part of him make me falling i love with him…^^
    but now i can answer i like him because he is LEE SUNG one can change him from my heart..

  • Green.Apple

    SPEECHLESS T_________________T
    That’s indeed one of the most touching fan entry I have ever read in my entire fandom life .
    U write it all out, from all your hear, your soul, your mind,those precious words hit me right in my heart.
    I may not love Min as you do [cuzI’maHyukkie!bias] and may not know him as well as you, the only thing I’m assure of, is that u make me fall for him more and more everyday and truly speaking, I’m thankful for that very much.
    Fate leads me to SJ…and it leads me to your blog too.
    Fate FTW !! *kidding* ^^

  • Green.Apple

    “to meet you is fate, to like you is choice but to fall in love with you is beyond my control..”

    May I use this for my signature pls pls pls ? I swear with all my faith I’ll credit fully.They are such beautiful words <3333

  • asMINnt lol~ you can use them if you like.
    i love the fact that you & many others love this post.
    i usually dont write much, so these words are really precious to me as well. ^^

  • katzsong

    I’m feeling you. Although it took me faster than you to fall for Sungminnie. Less than a month. A very intensive month, I might say (I’m quite a new fan for Suju, for 1,5 months I think). I was downloading videos of Suju like crazy. And I guess I fell for Danhobak during Jeolchin Note ep. 24 (KangMin episode) and Star King 090404 (Super Junior MAgic show special). I think he has impressive eyes, very cute smile, and lots of talents. I usually prefer more manly guys (like DBSK’s Yunho or Kangin), but lately my preferences shifted to cute guys…idk why…but Sungminnie is manly too, right? kekeke…

    Nevertheless, I love Sungminnie too…^_^v

    Thanks for the lovely words on Sungmin and thanks for speaking our hearts out =)

  • KaNGaRoo

    same here…
    although the other members are more outstanding but i pay all of my attention at Sung Min…

    i get into SJ world because of “Sorry Sorry”
    (Im a person who love street dance a lot)
    and Eun Hyuk is the one who attracted me (due to his dancing skills)
    and i kinda crazy over him (and also Han Kyung) on the first few days…
    but i totally forgot about them after i watched some videos about SJ and shows on youtube…
    and i found that Sung Min is really adorable, charming, cool, talented and a lot more …………………..

    and also i felt so sorry for BoA =.=
    because it seems i like forgotten her too > <
    i should stop here…
    or else my comment will be longer than what Asminnt wrote hahahaha XD

    loving Sung Min <333333333333333333

  • Mylove_Min

    Hi, I’m a Vietnamese, and my english is too bad….
    I can only say that I love Min…..My heart has 2 position, I give one for Min, one for my family.
    I don’t know why I love him so much but I know that he is my everything….
    When I feel tired, I has just thought about him, it made me feel better….
    Is it stupid? ^^
    PS: My grammar is too bad….. Can u understand me? Maybe not ^^
    It’s ok, I has just wanted to tell u that I LOVE MIN SO MUCH

  • grannyLEE

    Oh my… T__T

    It’s like you took those words out of my mouth. XD

    Like other Lee Sungmin lovers, I got teary eyed after reading this.

    So u fell for Kangin, Heechul and DONGHAE first. Mine was Siwon and Leeteuk, but I don’t know for some reasons, I just find myself loving Sungmin. I’m loving him more and more everyday.

    I don’t undertsand how can Sungmin can do it.
    He just stands there doing nothing just smiling, I was mesmerized.
    What more if he shows off all the things he knows what to do…?
    Tsk… I don’t know. *sigh

    Anyways, Ur site is sooo nice..

    Thanks for sharing… :-*

  • joyce

    honestly, i’ve read a lot of comments but never bothered making a reply before. no matter how strong i feel about, you know, the meaning or the expression made on the comment…but after reading yours, i just can’t help but let you know that i totally feel the same thing towards Sung Min.
    at first, i liked ryoewook for being cute and always being able to hit high notes.
    and then i started noticing how cute Sung Min is, he is good, rather almost exceptional on all of their activities..and you are so right, he hardly says anything, it’s like he is the magnae. but i can feel sincerity in him always, he’d rather show his sincerity to the fans thru actions than words. donghae seems to be very cool as well, both of them are very hardworking.
    i’ts just that, the more i get to see their performances, the more i love Sung Min.
    i just wish him all the best of luck, that he gets to achieve all his aspirations and someday he’d marry the woman he truly deserves…
    i really hope u can read this message assmint and can make a comment as well
    i will continue supporting super junior!!!

  • asMINnt

    dear joyce,

    i’m so happy that my words can touch Sungmin’s lovers & they can somehow speak out our hearts. i’m so happy ^^
    i read all the comments but i dont usually reply them all because i lack of words to express myself & my thankfulness to all the readers of this blog.
    thank you for supporting me, my blog & esp. OUR SUJU *^^*

  • joyce

    yey thanks for replying…
    totally love your blog and of course super junior…
    rest assured i’ll continue supporting! hwaiting!!!!

  • cheonsa23

    i like the message. 🙂

    i used to write my letters to eeteuk in a paper, even though i know i can never send it to him.

    Then at night, I pray that all my messages to Eeteuk and to the rest of Super Junior be delivered through their dreams.

    I always pray to God that they may be successful and happy, especially nowadays that I’m certain they’re going through a lot 😦 [i have read it on eeteuk’s cyworld page.]

    and btw,

    i agree with you. Dong Hae and Sung Min are two different individuals. And I love them both. 🙂

    I admire Sung Min so much for being so strong. I have also observed that. When they guested in Intimate Note, when he’s having a hard time dealing with Kang In-ssi, I noticed how he struggles so much.

    I am glad that Sung Min is loved by many, and please continue loving him 🙂

  • eMo_Min LoVaz

    hye guys,
    This is the 1st I read this letter..
    Its all about Sungminnie~..
    it is so..sOo…spOke onto my mind !
    I cant stand my tears out when i’d read it..T__T
    wat a silly me huh !
    All my friends just told me why I really damn so much In Love with This p’son
    there’s too many cmmnt n responses tht i got fomy friends..
    most of them ask me why I LOVE SUNGMIn..
    I say b;cuz he’s SUNGMIN..he is so cute, gorgeous, n gentleman oso~~
    I dont care what people say ’bout him !
    what I want to know ’bout :
    * he can stand up without ppls help ?
    * he’ll be da gorgeous p’son
    there’s a million fanz of yurs SUNGMIN !!
    Saranghae SungMin Oppa !! :3
    Aja Fighting Suju ~! (x___^)

  • Kaoru_chan

    well yeah, just like you, it wasn’t Min who impressed me first when I started to know SJ, but as time goes by, he is the one I love now

    his smile, to me, is the most beautiful ever. there’re times when I just want to give up everything, but looking at his smile cheer me up a lot. moreover, his hard-working make me feel so ashamed, and so I didn’t allow me to give up ^^

    It’s so good to know someone who loves him too ^^

  • Neang

    this is the most beautiful letter i’v ever read, really! and it’s just hit me right in my heart on how i feel about Sungmin.
    to be honest, i’ve known SJ for a long time but never actually a fan untill this last 3 months. after watching many suju vids and visiting many fan sites, i cant even describe now how much i fall for them. at first i didn’t even recognize sungmin in SJ but now i fall for him the hardest bcus of all the things you said in the letter. i’ve been living like a ghost for the last 2 months collecting their pics, songs, info, vids and i still can’t get enough and i dont think i will ever get enough. i’ve never been this obsessed in my life and i’m proud of it. ^^
    i’m a SuJu fan and i’m proud of it!
    i’m a sungmin fan and i’m proud of it!

    P.S: thanks you tons for sharing all of this to us. ^^
    and that last line kills me!

  • Alin

    Hi.. I feel happy b’coz so many people loves Min.. I love him too.. My feeling for him growing stronger time by time.. First time i know them,i like hankyung and eunhyuk.. But now.. Look who’s the winner that stole my heart and love.. Pink Prince.. My sungmin oppa..

  • hyu-in

    i love you sungmin^^

  • Jonn.R

    I remember Ryeowook caught my attention first . Then Hyukjae . But guess what , my saint now is Min . He is a different person from thy other members . Well not different , but thy kind of hard work i saw in him , is different from other . Jungsoo leadah is hard working , so does others . But Min just somehow express a different kind of hard work which i didnt know how to explain it . Its thy kindof feeling thy moment you look at him . He is always that shy and timid but always that kind and brave and hard working . Thy love i always wanted , came from Min . He gave me a kind of strength to live wel on earth ^^ My life is everything about him ^^

  • gadisungmin

    i cried a lot when i read it…
    i can’t say any word to express my feeling..i think you and other comments already describe how much we love sungmin…
    thankyou for sharing…

  • E.Kay

    I have to agree that this is most accurate and very touching message about sungmin. I don’t know who you all are and where come from.. I am a middle aged Korean woman living in the State. While I were visiting Korea during my summer break, I didn’t know much about Korean Idol group or Korean pop music at all. However, by chance, I watched the sorry sorry MV and got more attention to Sungmin instantly. Like you described, he has cute and gentle face, but seems to have more inner strengthes….Whatever I watched clips about him, he exceeds my expectation. He is really talented and can be the most potentially successful and well-respected entertainer I believe and pray for. I have no clue about this man and SUJU, thus I spent a lot of time to do some research.. So many familiar ID (assmint?) working so hard to upload all information on youtube – I am very grateful – because of you and sungmin, I feel happier now. Because of my physical distance (in deep south in the USA) and language problems (could not use Korean in my work place), I am very cautious of writing my messages on Korean fan cafe or blog.. The english messages are not welcome ??? Maybe, my language skills are not good enough. I feel the serious generation gap. People who knew me know my love for sungmin, they will be in shock. I have not been so in love with any entertainer a way so young. But it doesn’t matter to me. As you said, I love sungmin because you are the sungmin. Finally, I decide to buy the ticket to Korea during my winter short break and deliver my gift (birthday) box to him maybe SM Entertainment company. Do you know I was a great fan of Lee Soo Man when I was in Junior High school ? He was the most popular radio DJ at that time and I vividly remembered my crying sadly after hearing his departure for the USA to study…. Very sentimental… I am very surprised by myself when I found myself so in love or respect for sungmin, such a wonderful young man… I hope to have a chance to have a nice lunch with him and just talking….I know it is just dream dream…
    Thank you all for posting such honest and passionate personal feeling. I feel so comfortable to be here tonight

  • daeshii

    you know what guys, i feel a little guilty because all the time.. I WANT HIM FOR MYSELF but knowing that he’s a public figure and knowing your selflessness, people..i simply just can’t and i know it is impossible for me to reach him.. 😥

    i dunno, everyday i am loving super junior more, and of course sungminnie EVEN MORE.. but i’m growing ill day by day knowing that what i can only do was cheer and adore him.. no more no less…

    i super love him.. aaah! i had my idol crushes for just months but i am so locked to minnie for about two and a half years! and i still love him soo much more! I don’t know why I liked him, i mean SJ’s full of much charismatic people but… *sigh*

    anyways! go SJ! go ELF yeorobeundeul! jjang~ :))

    thank you for sharing the love for Sungminnie~
    let’s love him even more!

  • ruijinminxoxo

    we share something in common, and that’s our first reaction towards sungmin… i can still remember those days when i keep on ignoring my friend for showing me his pictures (because at that time, i don’t know anything about super junior yet, except for ki bum)… ki bum was the center of my attention way back…
    however, now i don’t know when and how did it happen that it feels like i’m crazy about him (gone really wild ;p)… i realize that every time i watch videos about SUJU, i just can’t help but to lay my eyes over him…
    now i love everything about him, i really do…
    and it’s really weird reading other comments that they fall for sungmin with no definite reason, the same as what happened to me…
    i also want to use this chance to share to others what I’ve got to say about Super Junior:

    “Loving Super Junior is like an outbreak of disease that would spread on every girl’s heart if not taken seriously. An infectious disease that would affect others rapidly, leaving the victims with no cure. But looking at a brighter side, the SUJU disease is a sweet thing that could happen to you. It’s the same thing that happened to me, and I’m a very happy victim. And if there’s no cure, it’s alright for I would probably refuse the medications…”
    This is an excerpt from my entry which talks about how i fell for those boys, especially with sungmin (just a newbie here)…
    Let’s all continue loving him!!!

    (and i love your post)
    >>(sungmin ;p)

  • namie25

    same here…
    1st time i see sungmin..
    he not special..
    but now i crazy coz him..
    i fall to him..
    deep..deep fall in love to him…

  • cherie

    very very touching. i din pay much attention to sungmin at first but eversince i started watching pajama party and more interviews of him ( not to mention my best friend is crazy in love with him ) , he is so adorable and his personality really stands out.

    for me when i am having a bad day, i watch super junior interviews or something related to sungmin and i will be grinning from ear to ear.

    he is perfect in his own way.

    i really love the post. and the last line too. =)

  • Camz

    Oh my! you are so good! you should make more!!! i am really glad that i found this site. what you’ve wrote really touches my heart. i can relate to everything that you’ve said especially the last sentence… maybe that’s the effect of sungmin… well as for me i started idolizing him last year i guess… my cousin showed me videos of suju, and for me at that time they are all really look the same. what caught my attention was sungmin because he looks like a girl and i was amaze because he’s wearing a dangling earrings but then suddenly i realize that im beginning to like him and for me its really weird because i never admired someone this much before that i draw a picture of him and i write poems about my feelings for him…

    im 14 right now and im really dreaming of meeting him.i am really imagining the day that i would finally meet him… and it makes me feel good..

    so i believe that sooner or later YOU will meet him, so dont loose hope! all you have to do is to BELIEVE!and make that big moment last!

    sungmin is my inspiration and i really dont know how i would react when i finally meet him… all i know is that i would become very much happy when that day comes…. ^_^

    good luck to all of us sungmin fans!!!

  • joaquin

    it’s so touching,..

    i fell in love with Min too,..

    it’s soooo tooouuucchhinng….!!!

    but, i’m a little disagree if you think that he has less attractiveness than kang-in or heechul,..
    he’s so attractive too, but in different way with the others,..
    he has his own character that makes him so special,..
    he’s unique and I’m sure there’s no many man like him

    he’s so talented too,..
    but, this is him,..
    he makes us wait before showing his charm,..
    he waits us to learn how charming he is..

    I love Sungmin..

    And I like your writing so much,..
    how do you do,friends

  • ..alex

    i ONLY thought that at the beginning ^^

  • Cathy

    its like you captured the essence of Sungmin

  • lee sunmi love lee sungmin

    my oppa know him sungmin is a friend of my oppa til now but i was in japan that time and my oppa is in korea in first time i met sungmin my eyes was not looking everywhere my eyes was focus on him i dont know why but i love him my oppa and sungmina are close to each other because they are classmate in there high school life and now(dec. 28,2009) i am in korea with my oppa and my eomma i will celebrate the new year or sungmin’s b-day here in korea.when sungmin is in the backstage i will talk with him (sometimes)until i fall in love with him this is me…/ i am not so good looking in that picture(only)hehe oppayo sarangahe

  • Kim An Ya

    Yes…that’s why I love you so much….LEE SUNGMIN ^_^…saranghee

  • chi♥조규현

    yes, i like kyuhyun, uz he is ho kyuhyun^^

  • andrea

    I just want to say happy b-day to Sungmin. And happy new year. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Chick

    This is the first time i’ve been to your site..but as soon as i read this, i really wanna make friend with u..! I’m from Vietnam. what u wrote is really touching. especially the last sentence. can i have your ym?

  • Mindee

    I’m crazy about him. I can’t breath for a moment if i saw him, in a picture or video. I can’t imagine if i meet him in the real situation.
    I’m so glad i found this blog. Koow i can share with anyone who love sungmin very much.

  • Mindee

    I mean now.

  • sungmin lover


  • LuPh SuNgmin

    it’s so touching ,,
    that’s same with a reason why i luph sungmin OpPa that just saving in my mind, it’s so dificult for me to say out
    but u do well ..

    sungmin wouldn’t my firstlove when i know SJ
    but now i going grazy about him ,,

    SungMin oPpa …
    LuPh u FuLL ,,,


  • trisha

    I cried about your story…..
    I think because I really love him seriously……..
    I always look at his eyes and his smile…….
    He makes me happy when I see him


    can’t read every single reply…
    but yeah.. i cried too reading this..
    *actually still crying now T^T *
    everything written are all true…i didn’t notice him at all specially in the E.H.B. eps.. it was always Hee, Teukkie, yessung, Hae, Siwon and Hyukkie… and Min is always in the background… but now…with every smile that i see on his face… i feel happy too…each smile makes my day…but when i see the pain on those precious eyes… i wanna share his pain…i want to be the one to cry those tears…
    i want to be his strength…because he is my strength…

  • engsamnang

    I don’t know if there are the majority of girls love him and other super junior member. My sister is the one who lay in the deeply crush to them and sense nothing think nothing of them. I tried to stop her from that, fake the new to her that they’s bad or plastic surgery not like she see in tv. I don’t know how to do for the best.

  • LovingMin

    It’s wonderful. You and me are the same. t feel that things from Min, too. The first time met him, i loved him. He’s so cute and lovely. The points, which i like most, are his smile and voice. His voice’s very warmly. About his smile, I think, it lights up my life. That smile made me happier when I was boring. I realized, I loved him so much
    Dear Min, you’re the one, I love……
    Super Junior Sungmin, FIGHTING !!!

  • Minnielove

    Hi! I am a huge Sungmin fan! I actually cried while reading this. T_T I love Sungmin so much and it hurts to read other people’s bad comments about him. Yesterday, I just read an unacceptable one, saying that he’s a show off and that he tries to be cute even if he’s not really cute. I was like, what!? How can Minnie be a show off when he usually just stays quiet and just lets the other members do the talking and everthing. He jokes too, but is that a bad thing? And if he does show off, I don’t think it’s a bad thing either. Other SuJu members do that too.

    Now, I am just happy to know that there are people who see Lee Sungmin the way I see him. A strong and hardworking man. Min actually inspires me to do my best in everything. I love everything about him! Before, I feel sad because I see Sungmin as an underrated SuJu member, but now, I am glad to know that he has fans who truly love him! Fans who appreciate the real him, who accept his imperfections and who understand him. LEE SUNGMIN SARANGHAE!

  • SungMin-lover

    ooooooooh my God
    Every word is true
    He’s an angel of kindness

  • rarropumpkin

    i wanna cry when i read this…but,when i read a line which say he hides his tears inside, it seems like i dont wanna cry, i dont know why…it just like give me a strenght and make me to look him as a strong person…:))
    its soooo touching!! 😉 i never feel bored when i read this…always wanna read this.
    wanna hug him!! >,<
    neomu neomu neomu SARANGHAE SUNGMIN OPPA!!!!

  • iam MAILA

    I FELT THE SAME. WELL MAYBE, WE ALL FELT THE SAME BECAUSE WE LOVE SUNGMIN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! i agree. i feel sad because behind all those charming and sweet smiles, there’s sadness 😦 at first, I FELL INLOVE WITH KYU. [keke] THEN I ALWAYS SEE THAT SUNGMIN’S ALWAYS WITH KYU SO *SEARCH SEARCH* about minnie..then i started to like him! I dont know why I like him very much..I realized because he is a very charismatic and good member of suju..a very supporting friend to shindong,eunhyuk etc. a sweet and romantic pair with KYU ❤ LOL. AND.. a very very very..strong person T_T God, i almost cried. he really is a strong person, I LOVE, I MEAN WELOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU AREN'T JUST ANY PERSON, YOU'RE LEE SUNGMIN, the one we really love and support forever 😦 SARANGHAE OPPA!

  • shark

    i love sungmin even more when i read ur message… but u know two days ago i found a very ridiculous statement about min is a show-off, try hard to be funny and cute, always want to take the limelight…T_T i just feel so sad that really i wondered if he really such a show-off person…and of course he’s not! they dont know how humble and timid min is. i guess they are envy bcuz their idols dont have (or not yet) so many talents like min… i mean i can accept if they dont like min but with those reasons? it’s just lame…they dont even try to like min yet they want to judge him…sorry… my heart is in pain T_T


  • gee

    ahhh…….your words are very touching,
    Let’s sungmin oppa know that all of us love him so much
    and always support him………

    no matter what they say and think about u,we”ll always beseide u an love u

    SUNGMIN OPPA saranghae super junior….fighting Sungmin Oppa

  • Camz

    hi hello!!! I visited this site just last year… i again read what you wrote and the last lines STILL! gets me… I’m happy to see lots of comments telling how they adore sungmin… i just hope sungmin would know about this site and for sure he’ll be soooo grateful reading all this touching comments here… I know that we’ve been all aware about sungmin getting frustrated thinking he is just all average compared to other suju members which is DEFINITELY not true!!! we all know that super junior has their own different appeal to all of their fans that’s why sungmin is special in his own way…

    so i really believe that if sungmin knows about all this comments here he would be so much happy and would also gives him more strength knowing that lots of people do appreciate him more than he ever expected…

    no matter what happens sungmin is as perfect as he could be… and we love him for who he is… i just wish he would realize that so that he would stop considering himself as “average”

    oh! i would just like to share this! just this last April they visited Philippines to held a concert and i was lucky to be able to watch… that moment was really unforgettable! I know how much i was mentioning that i really want to meet him though i wasn’t able to “meet meet” him , at least i saw him in person… just watching inches away from him is much much better!

    Im not sharing my experience to brag or something but i just wanted to prove that wishes do come true! the more you think of it the more it’ll happen!

    though i finally saw him in person im still looking forward for the greatest! you know? just because i finally saw him ,that doesn’t mean i will stop wanting to see him again!? maybe this time i could finally “meet meet” him hehehe >_<

    Soo keep dreaming guyz! and good luck!

  • Aiya

    very well said.. *claps*
    i wanna thank you for making a Sungmin’s own wordpress.. i just simply love all the updates you’ve been doing..

    no one can replace Sungmin’s sweetness .. he’s just one of a kind..


  • jessel

    i like what you wrote,,,, reading it by and by i felt i spoke to my own mind,,,, but there’s a few line i want to oppose,,,
    I dont want to make comparison, but have to say that the two most beautiful pairs of eyes, in my opinion, which are Donghae’s & Sungmin’s are completely of contrast.. While Hae’s eyes are bright, simple; Min’s are of no expression.
    coz i fell in love with his eyes…
    i only knew super junior last april 2010,,, but in few months i felt that i already knew them from when they started…
    i saw a promotional video about a concert tour of one of the hottest k-pop idol….
    in one moment one pair of sparkling eyes caught my attention and filled my curiousity to finish the video….
    i learned that his name was Sungmin…
    after that day i searched his name in the web,,,, i knew it his eyes is the one i saw….
    If you just look deeply into his eyes and read it beyond to what you’ve seen… he’s eyes was talking to you… and then unknowingly you can’t look away from it…
    it was like a magnetic force from keep pulling your interest to know HIM more and more…..

  • ..alex

    dear, that line was abt my 1st impression on him only. during my 1st days knowing SJ, he’s the least attractive figure to me, partly due to his lack of expressing his emotions. but now i know i was wrong & i’m glad abt it. I’m so happy that u dont think as i did XD

  • ivanovie

    wow..i can’t believe that i’m not alone..i feel the same as you do and you wrote it soo beautifully. I feel like crying reading it..He’s not actually my bias when i first knew suju last year (it was siwon actually..such a perfect good boy), but it didn’t take long. As i watched their shows, i suddenly got more and more interested in this cute young man..perhaps it took only a month then i couldn’t get my eyes of him..not once ever since 🙂
    I love him for who he is..his natural cuteness, his manly characters, his soothing voice, his delicate manners, his stubbornness when it comes to showing his emotions which becomes my ultimate complaints to him aside from his insecurity towards his image and position lately..and many will be an exhausting list..kekeke..simply put, i love him because he’s lee sungmin 🙂
    i too usually adore an idol for like 6 months the most..but he’s different..idk why..strange..

    — sungminnie, no matter what they think or say about you, i’ll support you strong,ok!–

    and thank you so much for this blog..i just knew your blog like a month ago but i feel attached already 🙂

  • Cami

    ;O; You made me cry!!! It’s so wonderful to find other people who think the same way as I do!
    Sungmin is just awesome.Period. I love him so much and let me tell you that what you wrote is simply beautiful. Sungmin is the cutest , hottest and most wonderful boy ever! He always amazes me! You just wrote my feelings :3
    Thank you for making my day ❤

  • gill

    hoa, u made me cry…
    its so touching, the words..
    i felt the same way as u.. at first, i said, who is sungmin?
    but just by know his name, see his smile, its so uncontrolable to love him,
    he has all d natural.. hhe.
    he’s so awesome in so many ways,
    he’s just the perfect one..

  • rest_tea

    hmmm.. i don’t even know anymore if it is love or possesiveness…all i know is tht we all here share the same feeling towards this man..every single of it…LEE SUNGMIN…U BETTER RESPONSIBLE TO US…MARRY US PLIZ!!!!!

  • Sungmine

    u spoke my mind , thank you~ ^^

  • minniekc

    this is really touching, thank you for writing it.. it made me realize some important things in real life, and not just in the world of idols..

    my first favorites were donghae and siwon, and i didnt like sungmin that much. i didnt really know him and he didn’t really appeal to me. but i’m not sure how, but i gradually began to notice him, just like you did, and i totally fell in love with him. and i know he’ll remain my favorite, it’s not going to change anymore. school’s started recently and there haven’t been many updates from him, he left his twitter, and i dont have time to watch any variety shows, so my love and obsession for him is fading a little bit, but i still love him.. it’s not going to change. i agree, he’s beautifully perfect.

  • SiaZi

    Hi all….
    First i would like to say that i really really love your site coz Min has always been my most fav member ever since i knew Suju and i’m very proud of him!! Actually i’ve been a regular visitor to ur blog since last year because we have a thing in common; We LOVE Min and What u wrote is really the same as what i felt towards Min…..i’m just happy because we all feel the same thing about him =) My love for him is growing more and more each day.I just hope that he has more confidence in himself and i always hope that he will be successful in his life… u always,MIN ❤
    Dear asminnt, the author, Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog…..

    p/s: Btw, I really love your last line… "to meet you is fate, to like you is choice but to fall in love with you is beyond my control.."

  • 딘다

    성민 사랑해~

  • nn

    so happy…i’m not the only one who love sungmin oppa so much…i’ve been loving him starting for February this year..(my first bias is Kyuhyun..i love his voice s much^^)Sorry to say but for the first time i know Super Junior, i don’t like sungmin,my first impression for sungmin is he is too cute, too feminine..and i don’t like this kind of guy.. i like the manly guy the most..but my friend suddenly change all my mind on him..after i saw MV Its You and i opened many video about Super Junior and about him..and i saw how very talented boy my sungmin is…very humble and shy person, he doesn’t talk much but he is always caring for others,,,and the fact is behind his acting cute HE IS VERY MANLY…he even never cry in front others, in front of his fans, he is a strong adorable…
    Many of my friends always moke me because i love sungmin..but i don’t care about what they say.. i just love him because he is Sungmin
    Thank you so much thay you make me love him more
    “to know Sungmin is a like sungmin is my coice.. and to love sungmin is out of my control.. ^^

  • water

    Love you because you’re Lee Sungmin!!!

  • ayu88sw

    Yeah… It is just because you’re being “you” and no other can be replace.

    thankfully for you being…

  • cutieboo

    The story is really true, although i happen to like donghae oppa better… ❤
    thanks for sharing

  • RiMi

    I love SUngMin…whoever he is,i still love him
    Although i’ve never met him,just saw him on TV, but I feel that he’s becoming an important part of mine..
    I can’t imagine what will happen if one day i can’t sit here and write these senses f0r u, for him…to sh0w my love…
    All SUngMin-lovers…be my friend ^^~

  • Bluebubble

    I’m so thankful I was able to see this site for I am also a big fan of Lee Sungmin. Who ever own this site thank you so much.

  • Bluebubble

    I am so thankful I was able to find this website for I am also A Big fan Of Lee Sungmin. who ever made this site thank you so much.

  • chacurl

    gah, what can i say…
    it resemble my feeling as well..

    i really wish someday, with all his charm everyone in the world will acknowledge him as the way he is..

  • MHADEL09

    ….i love super junior..especially sung min,dong hae,lee teuk and the rest…love suju….

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  • thaiha (@thaituyenha)

    Hello, I really like article, it so touch and I think it is the word from bottom of your heart.
    I think I have same thinking with you

    Could you allow me translated it into Vietnamese? I promise credit to you and if you want I can give you capture of topic

    OMG, my english so badly
    Waiting your reply.

  • ҜåÑĢäЯòó ЈöεΨ ➸ 910 / 091

    if you’re waiting for a reply, i’m so sorry…
    as i’m not the one who wrote this and Alex … i don’t know when is she coming back too…
    but i made an assumption that she will allow you to translate it into vietnamese as long as you give her proper credit ^^

  • thaiha (@thaituyenha)

    Thanks for your reply
    I’m sure I’ll give her proper credit^^

  • ngoc thu

    SUNGMIN,,,,,,,,,,, I very love you

  • B0berry

    Wow , I’m tearing you are really describing my feeling
    I’m so glad to find someone understand me and our mini
    He is really the sweetest and the strongest guy I have know and I’m sure that he will be in my heart for my entire life

  • B0berry

    Wow , I’m tearing you are really describing my feeling
    I’m so glad to find someone understand me and our mini
    He is really the sweetest and the strongest guy I ever knew he is just one in a million
    and I’m sure that he will be in my heart for my entire life cause he is really so perfect

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