12.04.23 promoting LANEIGE / endorsement (1p)

From : 2SUNGMIN_1932
Re-uploaded by : KaNGaRooBaby910

there i was thinking why no beauty care product look for him to promote their products and there !!!!
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4 responses to “12.04.23 promoting LANEIGE / endorsement (1p)

  • wen

    Absolutely right decision of marketing department. 宋慧橋也是代言人嗎?

  • ivanovie

    Basically suju represent Laneige, but since leeteuk and ming are the ones with the best skin, those two have their promotion part first 🙂 just see their vid..

    Yeah..though lately ming’s skin is not that good, but basically his skin is good, he has no problems in rejuvenating his skin..so proud of him^^ I hope he gets a solo contract..like siwon..but I guess little possibility since he’s not as popular as siwon or hyun joon or lee min ho or the likes..I do hope he will be >.<

  • ivanovie

    Oh! I just need to comment this one..look at his fingers! LMAO!! Ming ah..the way you hold that bottle with 2 fingers lifted is so feminine!

  • ҜåÑĢäЯòó ЈöεΨ ➸ 910 / 091

    har??? i never heard that teuk has the best skin, i always though is heenim and ming, fans always chant milky skin kim heechul, and from what i see is like that too… yea those idiot company only look for popular artist to promote their products, and i will laugh if they find siwon for skin care / beauty products LMAO he’s always like that holding things =.= just ignore him LMAOOOOOO even the way he hold bottle/glass is like that

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