12.04.17 Catch Me If You Can musical backstage (1p)

Credit : kimpublae’s twitter
Re-uploaded by : KaNGaRooBaby910

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3 responses to “12.04.17 Catch Me If You Can musical backstage (1p)

  • ivanovie

    I wish ming will get another musical this year..I heard he’s scheduled to do jack the ripper in sept in japan..but I wish for another musical..*greedy fan* lol!! A classic musical,.something like phantom of the opera or midnight summer night..a lot of big performers dream to be in those kind of musicals 🙂
    But a modern one will do like this catch me if you can, since he always did old time period musicals, akilla, hong gildong, jack the ripper..and I wish him to be in a tv drama again..:)

  • ҜåÑĢäЯòó ЈöεΨ ➸ 910 / 091

    hahaha didn’t the… well i forgot who say that his musical is from the ancient era to modern one,from akira, then slowly to hong gil dong, then jack the ripper hahaha i wish to see him in a modern one though XD

  • wen

    Haha…akilla is from acient then tradtional then english? Then should be morden one.

    Arw…i. may go japan this may…why doesn’t they perform in may><

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