09.10.09 AkillA Premiere Night (21p)

credits on pic & baidu


9 responses to “09.10.09 AkillA Premiere Night (21p)

  • misshealerzz

    wait, I’m lost for this musical again. judging from the costumes and makeups…..what is this actually? hahaha! jk 😛

    and Ming…. showing flawless skin from chest down to abdomen*dies*

  • vn_loves_min

    ??? Where’s cutie Min ?
    I can’t believe… :((

  • mulan77

    1st the make up soo heavy… but it’s ok because it musical…
    2nd… heheheheh i love his shirt…

  • Tini 이영미

    Is it just me or…
    saw him using red lipstick…he can compete as a Ju…^^V,
    Sorry, maybe it should be Peach or …I don’t know…^^

    But, I’m glad He can finally join this Musical!! ^-^

  • c

    but u can’t not admit…he’s really pretty!! reminds me of gong gil from king and the clown somehow…the makeup XD it only looks so thick cuz its close up…but ppl in the audience are seated so far away…at least his makeup isn’t as bad as the guy in the 5th pic lol.

    but hey, i actually got used to it, after a few pics. XD

  • grannyLEE

    MIN looks more feminine than JU~ XD.
    When I saw the pix, I don’t know what to react.. Don’t know what to say~ BUT I’m happy for MIN for what he achieved. This is what he’s been dreaming of, and I’m proud of him~
    I hope I can be there to watch him act.
    LEE SUNGMIN, Our pink prince, BREAK A LEG~!!! ^__^

  • KaNGaRoo

    although the make-up still kinda scary…
    but im excited that i could see his body XD
    uh hum~~ *cough cough*

  • eMo^bUnNy

    what the..?
    Isn’t that Sungmin oPpa ??
    He looks so differ with the heavy make up…
    Thankful for his cute face make me recognise that the person is him…
    hurmm…what a concidence X,X

  • pinkymin

    That’s too much make up on his face =O looks like he’s performing in a Chinese opera….
    his face looks all powdered up with white powder =X
    I like his outfit! but his shirt is soo revealing O_O

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