Pre-debut (5p)

scroll down & dont get shocked LOLZ

anyway, will always love Min no matter what. particularly love his pre-debut pix ♥~

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8 responses to “Pre-debut (5p)

  • trzan

    when? Min ?


    SunGmin oPpa u Are sO cOoL..

  • min01

    this blog is so cool ^o^

  • Miss Healerzz

    so…..before Heenim (or was it Hankyung?), somebody already stole his first kiss? LOLOLOLOLZ!!!! Seriously couldn’t stop dying of laughing!!

  • Nicole

    LoL Sungmin and his wushu skills~~

    I hope someone translates this…from my limited knowledge of chinese what they wrote is really funny…. Something about Sungmin fighting a japanese guy

  • KaNGaRoo

    hahaha need translation?? i think i can translate with my broken english if you dont mind > <

    Pic 1 :
    1. start performing martial arts
    3. a really cool side face
    4. dance after performing martial arts (Min is at the right)
    5. a really accurate action

    Pic2 :
    (last pic) CAUTION : over there is going to fight !

    Pic 3 :
    1. cool choreography

    Pic 4 :
    the uncle that disguise as Japanese(something like Samurai) had kissed!
    (for the red font on the third pic, i don't understand what they are trying to tell…)

    Pic 5 :
    1. still hold hands and turn (dancing) after got kissed by that uncle…


  • sasa

    lol…min first kiss…lol..>__<…

  • uismangan

    i’ve already extremely shock..
    my lovely oppa.. min oppa T.T

    please don’t do the ‘d*mn kiss’ again oppa..

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